Midwest Heavy Civil Contractor

How We Bid

Honest Bidding You Can Count On

Dirks Heavy Contractors takes pride in being an honest and reliable company;  that extends to our bidding process. We’re not here to play the low-ball game, hooking clients in with artificially low initial costs and then jacking it up with expensive change orders once we’re contracted.

We build relationships, which means providing quality materials, quality service, and being up-front about what will and will not be included in the bid.


Why Choose Dirks?

We Value People

Above all else, Dirks Heavy Contractors is made up of, and committed to, people. Whether it’s our employees, our clients, our trade partners, or the people of our community, we intend to do right by them.

Faith-Filled Generosity

Dirks gives back to our community, locally donating 10% of our profits each year.


Nothing in our field can get done without a good team. We value trust, open communication, active listening, empathy toward others, and honest introspection. This fosters a close team dedicated to a common goal.


We believe in being honest and doing honorable business. We deliver what we promise, nothing less.

Think Like Owners

You want someone on your project who has attention to detail and is always thinking ahead and hustling. That’s how we operate at Dirks.

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If you’re looking for a Midwest heavy civil contractor that won’t alter contracts with expensive change orders, you’ve found the right team. Dirks has a history of doing business right and getting the job done.

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